Comment Mailer is a WordPress plugin that helps you maintaining the discussion on your blog by letting the commenters know that you have replied their comments on the comment section of your post. Everytime you post a comment to answer previous comments from your visitors, you’ll be given an option to send a notification email to a spcecific commenters. It’s simple and easy.

Why You Should Use This Plugin

  • You’ll never know whether your blog commenters is going to visit back to look for your reply for his/her comment, subscribe a comment feed for a specific post, or choose to receive notification e-mail (if you provide one). By using this plugin, you’ll have a full control to decide whether it is necessary to notify a commenter for a new reply.
  • It keeps the discussion rolling on your blog comment system.

Grab it



  1. Download the package and decompress it
  2. Upload the file named commentmailer.php to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Put it directly inside /plugins/, not in a subdirectory of it.
  3. Go to your Plugin activation section and activate the plugin
  4. Well done!
  5. If necessary, you can configure anything on the admin panel. Login into your wp-admin and select Options -> CommentMailer


If you are logged in as an administrator on your blog, you’ll see an additional list menu on the comment submission form. Select the commenters to whom you are going to send a notification e-mail. Then click the submit button as usual. Leave the rest to the plugin to work. If you install a localization files of this plugin, you will be able to select which language you want to reply in.


Localization plays an important role in this plugin since it determines the content of your notification e-mail.

Language Version Translator Source code Binary
Bahasa Indonesia 0.1 Huda Toriq id_ID id_ID
Fran├žais 0.1 Xavier Borderie fr_FR fr_FR
Japanese 0.1 Tai ja ja
Russian 0.1 Sol B. Salpagarov ru_RU ru_RU

To use the localization, simply upload the desired .mo to your plugin directory (/wp-content/plugins/).

If you are using this plugin, please consider helping me translate it into your language, you can use the template (commentmailer.pot) file included in the plugin package archive. Please send the translation result back to me so I could commit them to the repository and provide the download link here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my blog visitors use same list menu to send comment notification to the other commenters?

No unless they are registered as your blog user and are logged in when they are submitting a comment. Otherwise they would see the regular comment form, without the additional list menu.

The e-mail header configuration can only be filled with a single setting (single sender name, single e-mail address). How could a multi user blog specify multiple settings for the plugin?

You couldn’t. But you can leave it blank so that the display name and email address from the user profile will be used instead of the commentmailer option

Why I don’t see any extra options on the comment submission form?

It’s probably because your theme doesn’t have a hook called comment_form. I use this hook to automatically insert the multiple list menu containing the names of the commenters. Check your theme file for a code that look like this: <&php do_action('comment_form', $post->ID); &> Usually it’s located inside ‘comments.php’. If you don’t have one, try adding it manually. Or, you can use this template tag: commentmailer_form()


  • November 28 2007 – Version 0.1
    Dynamic localization (new menu for selecting desired e-mail language). Introducing new template tag: commentmailer_form().
    View changes
  • September 2 2007 – Version 0.1-beta
    Major fixes for previously broken functions. The multiple list is now working.
  • August 20 2007 – Version 0.1-alpha
    Initial release. The multiple list is not 100% working actually. You could only send notification to 1 visitor.

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