Yahoo Messenger Online Status Plugin for WordPress

Now this plugin has its own page. For newer and more up to date information about this plugin, please refer to the new page.

Do you love telling everybody whether you are online or not by adding your Yahoo Messenger online status to your blog? If you do, you might have been familiar to these standard YM online status button:

online0.gif online1.gif online2.gif online3.gif online4.gif online5.gif

offline0.gif offline1.gif offline2.gif offline3.gif offline4.gif offline5.gif

Bored with these button?

For you, WordPress users, I’ve written a simple plugin which allows you to show your YM online status using your custom images, so you can make sure that your online status button looks good on your blog’s theme and layout. My Yahoo Messenger online status button on the sidebar of this blog is a simple example for this plugin. Of course, this is only an example. You can create better buttons on your own.

Interested? Just download the latest version of this plugin and put it on your blog