Comment Mailer is a WordPress plugin that helps you maintaining the discussion on your blog by letting the commenters know that you have replied their comments on the comment section of your post. Everytime you post a comment to answer previous comments from your visitors, you’ll be given an option to send a notification email to a spcecific commenters. It’s simple and easy.

Why You Should Use This Plugin

  • You’ll never know whether your blog commenters is going to visit back to look for your reply for his/her comment, subscribe a comment feed for a specific post, or choose to receive notification e-mail (if you provide one). By using this plugin, you’ll have a full control to decide whether it is necessary to notify a commenter for a new reply.
  • It keeps the discussion rolling on your blog comment system.

Grab it

Currently there is only unstable version of this plugin. But yet, you can still take the advantage by installing it. Use the following link to download the plugin.